Our Autumn Walks

CORRYHABBIE HILL - Sunday 13th October 2019

Sunday 13th Oct 2019 Walk host: TBA
7am bus departs Gordondale Road Email: stocketshost@gmail.com
Cost: £15 Tel: N/A
Map: 36/37/28 Mob: N/A
Expected time back in Aberdeen: 7-8pm

Main Walk: 1 Corbett, 22km (14 miles), 500m ascent, walking time 5-6 hours plus stops

The walk stars at the car park at NJ237248, SE of Tomnavoulin, following the River Livet, going SE the turning NNE, past the ruined Suie and north through Glen Suie. At 290281 at the watershed, we turn left and climb up to the summit(trig point) of Corryhabbie Hill. Continuing NE along Morton's Way we drop down to Glenfiddich Lodge, then go along the River Fiddich to Bridgehaugh.

Alternative walk: instead of climbing Corryhabbie Hill, carry on northeast following the River Fiddoch past the Elf House (cave) all the way to Glenfiddich Lodge and Bridgehaugh. (220m ascent, 20 km)

Another slighter longer alternative would be to go over Cook's Cairn ( a Graham), along the ridge and drop down to Glenfiddich Lodge.

BROWN COW HILL Sun 10th Nov 2019

Sunday 10th November 2019 Walk host: Mary Shepherd
7am bus departs Gordondale Road Email: stocketshost@gmail.com
Cost: £15 Tel: N/A
Map: OS 36 and 37 Mob: N/A
Expected time back in Aberdeen: 6-7pm

Main Walk: 21km (13 miles), walk duration 5 hours plus stops

We start from the old military road by the farm at Braenaloin (NJ 281 000) following a good track on the south side of the River Gairn past the farm at Rineten and then crossing the river by a bridge at NJ 268 017. The track now climbs uphill, past Easter Sleach and up towards the cairned summit of Tom Odhar. Here we head north and a little west, following the Alltan Sleibh up into a coire before climbing steeply up to the point 748 at NJ 245 045. We now follow the rising plateau west along to the summit of Brown Cow Hill at point 829 (NJ 221 044). From the Corbett summit we continue west to Carn Sawvie and then turn northwest to Meikle Gael Charn. To the north of this summit we pick up a landrover track at NJ 198 061 which takes us northeast along the north bank of the Meoir Veannaich which joins the main Corgarff track at Inchmore. We now follow the track which soon becomes a metalled road east to the car park for Corgarff castle at NJ 254 090 where the coach will be waiting for us.

Alternative Walk: 16km (10 miles), walk duration 4 - 5 hours plus stops

Rather than continue west from Brown Cow Hill it is possible to descend to the north east from the summit crossing boggy ground to eventually reach a landrover track below Carn Oighreag at around NJ 242 066. This can be followed down north to Corgarff Castle.


Saturday 7th Dec 2019 Walk host: Jacqui
8am bus departs Gordondale Road Email: stocketshost@gmail.com
Cost: £ 45 IN ADVANCE Tel: N/A
Map: TBA Mob: N/A
Expected time back in Aberdeen: Sunday 1am approx

On Saturday 2nd December our walk takes us to hills in Glen Tanar , followed by a delicious meal and party at the Loch Kinord Hotel in Dinnet. This years fancy dress theme is " ".

The coach leaves from the usual spot on Gordondale Road, Aberdeen, at 8am, returning around 01:00 am on Sunday morning. We will stop at the hotel, allowing us to leave our party gear/change of clothing there, before heading off for our walk. The usual time for returning to the hotel is around 3-4 pm for mince pie and tea or coffee in the lounge (included in the cost of the day). For those who have not been before, we have separate ladies and gents hotel guest rooms set aside for showering and changing into your fancy dress, but you will need to bring your own towel. Many people change back out of their fancy dress after the dinner (or before if your costume prevents sitting down!), but others wear it all night.

Main Walk: 15km (9 miles), 4 -5 hours plus stops

After leaving party attire at the Loch Kinord Hotel, the coach will take us to the starting point. From the bridge in Aboyne we head south and cross the River Dee turning west along the road for a short distance and then southwest through the houses at Birsemore. We pass the end of a small lochan and then pick up the Fungle Road at Parkside continuing south up through the trees past the Seat and then to The Guard at NO 520 955. Here we turn west and follow a vehicle track to a junction at NO 515 956 where we turn south and then follow the track roughly southwest below and between Duchery Beg, Black Craig and then Baudy Meg and the Haunted Stag stones marking where William Cunliffe Brooks shot the elusive stag. At NO 480 941 we meet the Firmounth and turn north, following the track down towards the Glen Tanar estate. We follow waymarked paths passing the old chapel of St Lesmo and then around to cross the river by the stone bridge at Millfield at NO 480 964. We climb the hill north towards Bellrorie and then follow a number of white roads generally north west passing farms at Tillycairn and Burnside before joining the B road at Oldhall. We head briefly west then turn north to cross the River Dee and enter Dinnet, turning west at the crossroads to reach the Loch Kinord Hotel.

Alternative walk:

It is possible to walk directly from Abyone to Dinnet by following the old railway line, now the Deeside Way, westward. Alternatively the coach may drop walkers off at the Bridge of Ess (NO 505 973) from where a LRT is followed along the south side of Glen Tanar to the chapel close to the main house at NO 480 960. From here the route described above would be used from Millfield across the hill to Dinnet.

Tea/coffee and mince pies will be served upon arrival back at the hotel between 3-4 pm.

HOGMANAY HOOLIE (Cars - not bus) Sun 29th Dec 2019

Sunday 29th Dec 2019 Walk host: TBA
8am by car from Gordondale Road Email: stocketshost@gmail.com
Cost: £5 suggested fuel contribution to car driver Tel:
Map: TBA Mob:
Expected time back in Aberdeen: 4-5 pm

After the excesses of the Christmas Party and the rest of the festive season, you will all no doubt be making New Year's Resolutions to get fitter in 2020, so why not start by joining the Stockets on the last outing of 2019? This will be an informal affair, meeting at Gordondale Road/Old Mile End School at 8am and sharing cars to drive to the walk location.

No need to book, just turn up - lifts can be sorted out on the day.

Hope to see you on Sunday 29th. If you have any questions, please email stocketshost@gmail.com